Special day, special service: wedding cars for guests and spouses.

We offer our customers a multitude of services, all of them characterized by reliability and excellence. Our wedding service will allow you to organize your wedding day without the hassle of any complicated movements.

From your arrival at the airport, station or port and the drive to the hotel, and then on to the ceremony, Limo Service Sorrento will take care of every little detail and particular, so as to allow you to experience your wedding day in total relaxation, with the certainty that the guests are in good hands!

Thanks to the versatility of our vehicle fleet, we strive to offer total service for transporting wedding guests in all of the stages that characterize this happy and unforgettable day: the church, the restaurant and the return to the hotel.

Special Vehicle

As well as offering support to guests, Limo Service Sorrento can also offer it to the bride and groom.

On request, it is possible to rent a vintage Ape Car, making even more special the most special day of all: your wedding!

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